Save more with Fix-O-Roof. Our products are simple and very quick to install.

Prefabricated Roofing Accessories for Roofers of North America

We distribute throughout North America our prefabricated roofing products. Designed by professional roofers, our products allow contractors to save a lot of time and money when executing their contracts.


Aesthetics and efficiency

Designed to simplify the work of professional roofers,
our products are both easy to install and very affordable.

Proudly made
in Quebec

A huge production capacity

Equipped to produce, our production line manufactures hundreds of accessories per day. This ensures the availability of Fix-O-Roof products.

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The best roofers in North America
use our products

At Fix-O-Roof, we know how demanding the roofing profession is.
That’s why we decided to offer a simple, sustainable and very affordable solution.