About Fix-O-Roof

Each Fix-O-roof product is manufactured and assembled in Quebec to encourage the local economy. Furthermore, we are continuously researching and developing products to save you time and money on your projects.


We believe we can save you time and money

As roofers, we have often experienced this situation where we had to assemble our drains, flashings, boxes and vents ourselves. That’s why we’ve designed models that do not require assembly. Delivered and ready to install, they allow contractors to save time on rooftops and therefore deliver more projects.

Technical data

We have simplified the process!

With our distribution entrusted to all major roofing suppliers, our products are easily acquired. Contact us or your usual roofing suppliers and ask for Fix-O-Roof products


Proudly made
in Quebec

A huge production capacity

Equipped to produce, our production line manufactures hundreds of accessories per day. This ensures the availability of Fix-O-Roof products.

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