Chimney flashing,

Quick installation, simple and aesthetic.

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SEVERAL MODELS Our products can be made with many types of membranes.

Chimney flashing without assembly

Fix-O-Roof Chimney flashing models help roofers save time and money. Supplied in one piece, the chimney flashing requires only your finishing weld and no complicated assembly. This is the assurance of ease of installation, no matter the model!

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Discover what our prefabricated chimney flashings can offer.

Quick Installation

Chimney flashing requires no assembly. It’s a guarantee of ease of installation!

Simple and aesthetic

Our chimney flashing offers a much more aesthetic visual finish.

Dimensions according to your needs

In order to meet all needs, we offer standard roof flashings of 5″ and 8″ dimensions in addition to the custom made.

Proudly made
in Quebec

A huge production capacity

Equipped to produce, our production line manufactures hundreds of accessories per day. This ensures the availability of Fix-O-Roof products.

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The best roofers in North America
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At Fix-O-Roof, we know how demanding the roofing profession is.
That’s why we decided to offer a simple, sustainable and very affordable solution.